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("⽣ 生 け 花" "Living flower") Also known as "kadō" "The way of flowers".

It is an ancient Japanese tradition of flower arranging art that intertwines the ephemeral sense of nature with that of humanity.

Ikebana is a ritual. From the first cut flower to the last bouquet placed it must be in silence.


Artistic File


Companies with Ikebana:

"Proyecto GoOD Otra Danza" Spain

"Kit Modus" Atlanta, USA


Raúl Francés Linares, José Lis Casamayor, Aaron Vázquez Marín, Elena Sevilla Sanchez, Marta Santacatalina García, Rosanna Freda, Ivan Godino Aracil.


Costumes: Pablo Andrés Espinoza

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