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Something that is already very clear is that dance is a language with which we can transmit and communicate sensations or experiences….

And why not go one step further?

Until now, this language has been played with trying to transmit in the best way, but if instead of trying to transmit we look for a logic in our discourse, why not write poetry with this language or an essay or a shopping list ...

I think that we can transform the way of choreographing and dancing only by changing that way of seeing this language, dance.

It is no longer about playing to improve the language, now it is time to seek to play with those tools, I like to compare dance with other arts, for example, with literature, there are several ways of communicating, through novels, essays, poems, magazines… each one more different but the only thing they have in common is language.

Well, if we extrapolate literature to dance, language is movement and everything else is a free field that we have to explore.

I trained at the Professional Conservatory of Contemporary Dance in Alicante, then I was part of a training project in Elche with Asun Noales in Otra Danza,

I have taught in cities such as Albacete, Alicante, Alcoy, Valencia, Teruel ... Since then I have participated in productions and companies such as VDF, TitoYaya,

Otra Danza Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana.

I am currently part of the Otra Danza company.

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(+34) 665 34 96 20

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