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I like to think of music as a landscape in which to navigate.        As if you could access to touch all the details and feel the different textures.

Music has to sneak into us and transport us, it has to move us. As a composer, I try to build these sound spaces taking care of the aesthetics in order to transport the ear to the eye. I think as in any art, the surprise factor cannot be missing, and I try not to fall into the most used musical structures.

If there is something that life has given me at my young age,  it's to be curious. That is the salvation of any human being in the professional world, and why not? also on the staff. Curiosity has always led me to want to express myself, to want to tell the things I feel, and my mind always ends up producing a visual imagery in which music and dance go hand in hand.


I started playing with the rhythms of house, Techno productions and the technical complications of these genres,                 influenced by a hip-hop culture I jumped to create my first instrumentals and with the beginning of my dance studies I found endless musical possibilities , from classical music to the most commercial genres through experimental and conceptual pieces, that from the beginning I began to imitate and look for ways to compose, understanding how they did it before and wondering how I could add something of my own to generate new nuances. Along with all this, today I try to take the most convenient of each genre for each song and combine them thus creating something more personal.


I have composed music for contemporary dance companies  and corporate videos.

I have also participated with record labels such as Elantris Records, HotSummer, Easy Summer, GreenNights Records, Graba Records, Emollient Records.


(+34) 665 34 96 20

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